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Jonathan Solares

Main Role: COO & Director


The way the current environment of business is rapidly changing, the way of the future is to grow your business online, with content that you can put on social media, YouTube, your own personal website and personal branding.
Over the past few years my brother and I have had a vision and desire to help people grow their businesses. We have constantly seen the pitfalls of great business ideas fail, not because their business model failed, but because they did not have proper guidance and direction of how to showcase the uniqueness and exemplary function of their brand and organization. I have a varied background of experience that has taken me to different places mentally and physically. I have been heavily involved in volunteering in the Las Vegas community, both in hospitals and with food drives. I had in the past started a non-profit with my brother to help college students receive scholarships. I have been heavily involved in the arts especially, having written and directed short films, having worked freelance to write and sell music to local artists, and have developed my artistic visions, drawing and painting freehand. On top of this I have a long background being involved in the medical and psychological fields with patients; helping to identify and treat issues of all sorts. Most recently I have become a project manager working in the IT field. All this and more has left us strongly qualified to identify the ways that businesses can improve and most of all help them create a unique visual presence on the internet and social media. 

Josue Solares


Main Role: CEO & Project Manager


My persona as a creative individual means I don't fit in your social circle but I know how to influence it.


My perception is a worldly and culturally influenced one, which allows me to see the beauty where others do not.


I am an empathetically extroverted individual with a background in the following: 

Original Content creation in

Film and Social Media

Original Content Production in

Film and Social Media

Original Content Marketing Strategy

Original Stylistic Graphic Design

Front End Web Development

Original Stylized Songwriting

Music Production

I am impassioned to help you achieve your dream.

Our ability to bring your vision to life is where we shine.

Kira Harris

Main Role: CFO & Bookkeeper


As a creative minded person I find that there are 2 things I excel at, numbers and making people feel welcome and comfortable. I have over 4 years of accounting experience and 6 years of accounting education which allows me to easily run the finances of SB productions. On top of this, I love to interact with unique individuals and help them express their personalities to their fullest extent. With my experiences being a community project manager and organizer I have guided the development of self-expression of individuals. I also have a background in modeling and project management, and over the many years of being involved in face-to-face interviews and community support I do my best to make clients feel comfortable both on and off the camera.

 About Us

Deanna Irby


Main Role: Asoc. Interviewer


I have a passion for learning about people. The human experience is unique to each of us, and I love to learn as much about those experiences as I can.  My areas of study are in Psychology and Neuroscience, but I have a strong love for the arts and our ability to admire them.

Sagar Patel


Main Role: Editor - in - Chief


My name is Sagar Patel and I hail from the depths of Orange County in a small town called Buena Park. I’m a professional video editor with a passion for sports, so much so that I got my MA in Sports Management. I worked for such prestigious companies like the Los Angeles Clippers, IMG, USC, Fox Sports and Spectrum Sportsnet. I worked in multiple capacities from Fan Engagement to Production Assistant. Throughout all those ventures I finally realized my calling as a video editor in order to share my vision with the world.


Greg Walker


Main Role: Make-up Design & Artist


Ever since I developed severe hyperpigmentation at the age of 13 I began to experiment with every skin product I could find and try on my skin. By the time I was 16 I found makeup, and fell in love with it. I spent most of my money on makeup and all my free time practicing. This was before the boom of the male beauty gurus on Youtube, so the pushback from the people around me was rough. It was also before the male covergirl line meaning I had to further experiment and test on my own. However, by the time I turned 20, the male beauty guru trend had become a trend and my passion had become much more acceptable. I started a YouTube Channel, and since then I have honed my craft. I developed a further passion for product testing, began researching and learning about color theory and skin care. Ten years later, I am just as passionate and in love with the art form and have been giving as much advice and help as I can with SB Productions.

Stevo Soares


Main Role: Quality Assurance & Video Editor

Background and Qualifications:

Over 15 years of Video and Audio Editing using Adobe Pro products 

Networking Specialist 

Hardware and Software certifications with over 15 years in technical support and design

Gary Hayes


Main Role: Client Acquisition Specialist

Background: G-Tec LLC and SB Productions

In Partnership with

Cassandra Tolton


Main Role: Web-Design & Web-Development


My name is Cassandra Tolton and I am SB productions current web-designer and web-dev. I enjoy computer science and use my skills to help encourage and support SB productions.

Dahmien Villanueva

Main Role: Audio Engineer & Sound Editor


My name is Dahmien Villanueva, and I am a Sound Designer for SB Productions. I have a passion for music and the world of audio. I started with being the Lead Audio Technician for my high-school’s Theatre Productions. This is when I began using programs such as Ableton. I have continued to pursue my passion for Audio in my academics by enrolling in the music business & technology program at CSN, where I was also the Audio Technician for the musical production of “We’re Here for You.” I have since transferred to UNLV, pursuing a degree in Theatre Technology and have had the privilege of working with other film students as a Sound Designer for multiple short films. I have continued my love for the theatre by changing direction from Audio to Lighting in order to become a well rounded Technician with experience in different fields. My goal someday is to be a part of the talented group of technicians over at Cirque Du Soleil's production "Beatles LOVE"

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